Full Agenda


11:45 – 4:30 pm Working Lunch and Pre-conference Workshops 

Negotiate Like the Pros – Contract Negotiations & Other Real World Strategies to Cut Your Parcel Costs 5-25% !
Shipping costs too high?  Then you cannot afford to miss this workshop!  Led by one of the top consultants in the industry, gain valuable information to negotiate best-in-class pricing and reduce overall shipping costs 5-25%. You will walk away from this ½ day session with an in-depth understanding of parcel contracts terms and how to maximize pricing agreements with your parcel carriers.  Using actual shipping data, you will learn:

  • How to establish shipping baselines and requirements prior to beginning any carrier negotiations
  • Different ways to reduce the impact of accessorial charges and other contract “gotchas”
  • How to use your weekly parcel invoice data to generate powerful information to lower costs

We will place particular emphasis on how to gain leverage during contract negotiations, and using benchmarking (provided) to your advantage.

You’ll also learn additional strategies used by other shippers to reduce delivery costs, how to offer “free” shipping and make delivery a competitive differentiator in your business.  We encourage you to register early; seating is limited and this session is expected to sell out!

Workshop Leader: Rob Martinez, President and CEO, Shipware, LLC

Operations & Fulfillment Best Practices
Customer expectations are increasing every day in the world of multichannel commerce, putting tremendous pressure on every aspect of your operation. This half- day workshop will provide a comprehensive look at what it takes to deliver superior fulfillment as a competitive advantage. The latest strategies, tactics and best practices will be presented for each aspect of the fulfillment process by someone who has seen it and done it. The focus will be on maximizing service performance and operational efficiency. This workshop is a ‘must’ for everyone responsible for the fulfillment process, from supervisors to executives.

Topics will include:

  • World Class Customer Care in a Multichannel World
  • Managing Distribution Performance
  • Best Practices in Returns Management
  • IT Strategies & Opportunities
  • Performance Management

Workshop Leader:  Bill Kuipers, Partner, Spaide, Kuipers & Co.

Social Media and the Contact Center: Enhancing Your Company’s Brand Image and Bottom-Line
Providing service in a social media world requires changes in the way we interact with prospects and customers. They want on-demand access to information and service across channels and platforms. Customer satisfaction is affected by a company’s ability to be responsive and deliver the right information at the right time. Quality service includes the ability to connect with customers at their convenience.

Managing the social channel in an organization and especially in the contact center requires the integration of service, marketing, and IT. There are many moving parts in social media customer service that have to be coordinated to work well for your company. You will leave this program with information on how to:

  • Choose which services are best suited for social media interactions
  • Create social media guidelines for contact center representatives
  • Identify the best channel to communicate with customers
  • Integrate customer care, marketing, and technology to avoid departmental competition
  • Scale social media within the organization
  • Choose the best platforms and tools for your company’s specific needs
  • Prepare for a crisis so that it doesn’t escalate or harm your brand
  • Integrate internal systems with external tools
  • Identify the metrics that define effectiveness and provide insight into trends, opportunities, and challenges
  • Optimize your social media activity to provide search benefits, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve relationships

Workshop Leader:  Debra Ellis, Founder, Wilson & Ellis Consulting

2:30 – 2:45 pm Networking Break
2:45 – 4:30 pm Pre-conference Workshops Continue
7:00 – 9:30pm Welcome Party
10:30 pm –  2:00 am Evening Fedex Tour (The tour is optional. Pre-registration required.)


7:45 – 9:30 am Morning Tour OSP GROUP
 (The tour is optional. Pre-registration required.)
7:30 – 8:15 am Breakfast Roundtables
8:30 – 9:20 am Concurrent Sessions

End-To-End Ecommerce – Transform Your Company Priorities, Processes, and Customer Experience
Ecommerce is no longer a standalone channel but a core capability and priority. All too often, especially in B2B companies, ecommerce has been an afterthought and the systems that have been used for ecommerce have only furthered that behavior, often existing separately and disconnected from the rest of the organization. Forward looking companies are taking a different approach to this and putting ecommerce at the center of their technology infrastructure, fully integrated with their front and back office, transforming how the whole company thinks about transacting business and customer experience. In this session, a panel of merchants and industry experts will discuss how this approach is possible and how it’s resulting in breakthrough results for the business. 

Moderator: Ranga Bodla, Senior Director of Industry Marketing, NetSuite Inc.
Panelists: Tobi Skovron, Brand Executive, PetLoo Brand at Radio Systems Corporation
Adam Harper, Director, Administration CMP Corporation

Risks and Rewards of Using Regional Parcel Carriers – OPERATIONS SUMMIT EXCLUSIVE
Is your company spending too much using national parcel carriers for air express and ground deliveries? There are options! Attend this session and learn how regional parcel carriers can lower freight costs and avoid common accessorial charges like residential delivery, delivery area surcharges, Saturday delivery and even fuel surcharges. The right combination of services can reduce shipping costs 20% or more. But what about service differences, what’s the right mix, and how do you address the potential loss of volume discounts at UPS and FedEx? Get answers from one of the leading parcel authorities in the US. An Operations Summit exclusive, this ALL NEW presentation is geared for all shippers whether B2B, B2C, high volume or small.

Speaker: Rob Martinez, President/CEO, Shipware LLC

How to Expand Your DCs or Push Your Present One to Its Limits
Handling customer demands requires an efficient and well laid-out warehouse that optimizes every square inch of your available space – especially, if you have to get creative during peak season. In this session, whether you are looking to expand your distribution center or just take your current facility to maximum efficiency, you will learn the fundamentals that every warehouse manager needs to know to create an effective warehouse – no matter how many facilities you operate.

Moderator: Jim Barnes, Senior Managing Partner, President, CEO, EnVista
Panelists: Nancy Perronie, VP Distribution Services, Ann Taylor, Inc.

How to Improve Your Project Management for a Successful System Implementation
Over 50% of all Order Management Systems (OMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are not implemented on time and or within budget. Come hear how three multichannel executives have successfully Project Managed system implementations.

The panelists will explore:

  • The reasons why the plans and estimates made during the system selection phase often fail to be accurate in the implementation phase?
  • How do you get more accurate estimates for professional services for implementation, modifications, conversion, training, equipment, etc.
  • Should the system vendor act as the Project Manager for the implementation versus a company executive or external manager?
  • Does the system vendor have a proven methodology and standards for implementation?
  • Have you talked to references, in detail, to understand the vendor’s strengths and weaknesses in implementing?
  • How complete are your project plans for not only the vendor’s responsibilities, but your total project plans for the training, “Go Live” and the cultural change in your business processes and systems?
  • How will you communicate plans and changes to all stakeholders?
  • How do you keep “Scope Creep” from adding risk, cost and elongating the schedule?
  • What are the best ways to track and manage the unplanned changes and change requests that will happen during the implementation?

If you are planning to replace your OMS, ERP or WMS systems, come hear how these three executive panelists have successfully managed their systems implementations.

Moderator: Curt Barry, President, F. Curtis Barry & Company
Panelist: Jacqueline Holbrook-Hill, Director, Accounting – Museum Shops, Ecommerce & Catalog, The Art Institute of Chicago
Tyler McIntosh, President, Natural Solutions

Doing Business in Different Regions of the Globe: 5 ways to make it happen
If your organization has not thought about moving into international waters yet, you are already a step behind from your competition. If you want to learn how to plan better and how to maximize your chances for international success, this session is a must. This session is designed to help you identify the biggest opportunities and challenges when designing and implementing a global strategy. Attendees will walk away with a preliminary game plan to expand your global reach in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America among others. It will also highlight the differences in shipping practices worldwide and what the international consumer is looking for when shopping online such as simplicity, reliability, and speed.

Speakers: Michael Lamia, Vice President, Global Network Operations, Ecommerce, Pitney Bowes
Scott Shepherd, President, Pro Golf South

9:20 –  10:15 am Exhibit Hall Opens / Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall
10:15 – 11:10 am Keynote Power Panel in General Session Room
11:25 – 12:15 pm Concurrent Sessions

Taming Your Service Frankenstein: Getting Your Online and Call Center to Work Together to Build Love
Despite what you’ve been told, your call center and ecommerce service are not separate departments or areas. Many retailers struggle to adjust to how both departments complement each other, let alone work together to cut service burdens and increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

In this session, you will learn crucial call center and ecommerce service metrics, whether live chat or email support or live call center have the best business use case, how to use Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to actually excite your CFO (and cut costs), three prevailing consumer behaviors that have changed service dramatically, and much more.

Moderator: Debra Ellis, Founder, Wilson & Ellis Consulting
Michael Moseman, Director, Customer Contact Center, Brooks Brothers
Angie Stocklin, Co-founder, COO, One Click Ventures

Make Product Personalization Your Market Differentiator
The retail landscape is more competitive than ever before, making it imperative that retailers find any way possible to differentiate themselves from others in their space. One way involves offering customization options that create a personal bond between purchaser and product. This session will outline the various types of personalization options available today, ways to position these offerings to retail customers, and how to use the order fulfillment process as an opportunity to provide these services while saving time and money for both retailers and consumers.

Who Should Attend:

  • Retailers interested in increasing merchandising and upsell sales opportunities
  • Retailers looking to invest in new product offerings
  • Retailers seeking a competitive edge in the direct-to-consumer market

Attendee Takeaway:

  • Identify potential personalization options that make sense for their target market and product mix
  • Spark ideas for time- and cost-saving processes in the fulfillment warehouse
  • White paper and/or authored article about the topic

Speakers: Rick Hall, Vice President, Client Success, Fifth Gear
Sean Conlon, Co-founder/CEO, PetBox

Stage Stores eCommerce Fulfillment Operations: A Near Term Fulfillment Approach
Implementing a fulfillment operation within an existing store-based retailer can be challenging due to unpredictable and rapid growth in early years. Ecommerce fulfillment peak periods usually occur at different times than retail store-driven peaks, and questions still abound about whether new ecommerce business penetrations will follow the store-based geography. Will cannibalization of store sales occur when the ecommerce site is launched? Senior management is often reluctant to invest large amounts of capital on long term plans due to these questions and other uncertainties.

Learn from Stage Stores (operating nationwide under the Bealls, Goody’s, Palais Royal, Peebles, Stage, and Steele’s nameplates) about their experience in hedging for the long term, by implementing an effective near term fulfillment operation with limited capital investment, while still providing high service levels in bringing moderately priced, name brand merchandise to their customers. From the experiences and lessons learned from the leaders of this effort, this session will provide practical insights into near term and long term fulfillment center planning, design, and implementation, even for those who don’t have stores!

Speakers: Gough Grubbs, Senior Vice President, Distribution, Transportation, Stage Stores
Steve Johnson, Principal, Johnson Stephens Consulting

Systems Integration for Multichannel Management
You’ve made a major investment in selecting the best order management system for your business, with all your major managers on board to get the process done right. That was “the sprint.” Now comes the hard part: the make-or-break marathon of system implementation, which is doubly difficult because it demands intensive management as well as attention to detail. This session will:

  • Help you plan for an orderly process that allows enough time to get it done right
  • Eliminates stumbling blocks that can stall or derail your efforts
  • Assures that when the system is ready to “Go Live” it actually does

Moderator: Ernie Schell, Executive Director, Marketing System Analysis
Panelists: Chris Brenner, Vice President, PetSolutions
Larry Maher, VP of Sales, Data Management Associates – MACH Software

Meeting the Challenges of Smaller Operations
This session is perfect for those with sales of less than $10 million, or anyone interested in how to do more with less. Whether you’re in the startup phase or ready for the next big push, planning for growth while controlling costs is no easy task. You strive to exceed customer expectations and maintain a healthy profit, but your resources are often limited. You don’t have a cavernous warehouse or automated shipping lines, but you can still compete with your bigger competitors, and even surpass them with higher levels of service and customer satisfaction. This session will present numerous examples of ways to save costs and provide superior customer service. These will include tips on maximizing your IT resources, increasing customer loyalty, standardizing your procedures, negotiating with vendors, empowering your employees, planning for seasonal spikes, and more. Come learn why bigger is not always better!

Speaker: Dave Kravetz, Catalog & Web Team Leader / Co-Founder, Fairytale Brownies

12.20 – 2.20 pm Mid-Day Tour OHL (The tour is optional. Pre-registration required.)
12:15 – 12:45 pm Food and Refreshments in Exhibit Hall
12:45 – 1:45 pm Lunch roundtables in General Session Room
2:00 – 2:50 pm Concurrent Sessions

Upselling In The Contact Center…And Incentive Programs That Help!
The contact center is a business intelligence information source. Contact center staffs need to be trained and coached on how to collect and use valuable data from customers to encourage the purchases of additional products and services. In order for upselling to be effective in the call center, your people must be armed with the right information, tools and motivation in order to present products and services to the right customers.

A properly designed incentive program rewards your employees because they have made important and significant contributions to the company’s revenues and profits. Is your incentive program doing this? If not, it’s time to change things up. Incentive programs can significantly improve contact center KPI’s but must address specific needs or you’re wasting time, energy and money.

We’ll talk about how the most successful contact centers upsell their customers, and turn their centers into a profit center instead of an expense line.

Speaker: Tim Holody, COO, Seta Corp.

Delivery as a Differentiator
Consumers expect control and convenience over their delivery experience and the companies that can provide this will benefit from increased loyalty, recommendations – and sales. Your customers are looking for an improved post-purchase experience from delivery options, to returns, to all retail channels working together seamlessly. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Facilitating a seamless omnichannel experience increase your value to the customer
  • What delivery and shipping costs options are most valuable to your customer
  • The tracking information preferences that most customers are looking for
  • How an improved returns process is another opportunity for differentiation 

Moderator: Joe Bobko, Founder, Managing Partner, The Bobko Consulting Group
Panelists: Robert Escobar, Vice President, Operations, Gwynnie Bee
Randy Strang, Vice President, Retail Customer Solutions, UPS
Kevin Collins, Vice President, Transportation Logistics, Genco
Brian Sawyer, Managing Director Interactive & eCommerce, Build-a-Bear

Returns Power Panel:  Best Omnichannel Returns Processes
Most merchants agree that their returns processes are far from perfect, especially in an “omnichannel” world. To help you learn the best practices on returns, we have pulled together a Power Panel of merchants and experts. Here’s a chance to discover a road map that will make your returns handling a reason for customers to do business with you. We will explore how to:

  • Improve returns operational efficiency
  • Save dollars in your processes
  • Create an incremental revenue stream
  • Reduce contact center involvement
  • Create improved customer experience and retention
  • Create cross-channel marketing opportunities
  • Boost asset recovery savings

Moderator: Ellen Shannon, Chief Content Director & Publisher, Multichannel Merchant 
Patrick Allard, Director, Business Development, NEWGISTICS
Eric Roberson, Director, Operations, Title Nine
Jason Seemann, Director of Operations and Fulfillment, Express
Ryan Culver, Director, Domestic Logistics, OSP Group

Executive Forum: Larger Companies Over $20 Million In Sales
How do you become efficient and respond to continual operational challenges? Here’s a great way to exchange ideas and get answers to your questions with your executive “peers.” This is not a speech but an exchange between panelists from the industry and the audience on the challenges they see in their companies and the solutions that they have put in place to combat those issues. We have developed a list of “starter” questions and topics to help the discussions along.

Come and share with your peers on what’s working for you, and find out more about the potential solutions that you are considering:

  • Same-day shipping threat from Amazon.com and others
  • Achieving a balance with marketing on free shipping strategies
  • Building a multi-DC fulfillment model to reduce shipping costs and provide high level of service
  • Reducing LTL/TL, UPS, and FedEx freight costs
  • Best expense saving and productivity ideas in the industry
  • Best of Breed versus ERP systems
  • Best practices that you can implement to improve your Supply Chain
  • Operating efficiently in multiple selling channels (direct, wholesale, brick & mortar stores)
  • Is 3rd Party Fulfillment (3PF) right for your business?

Moderator: Curt Barry, President, F. Curtis Barry & Company
Panelists: Mark Desrosiers, Director, Distribution, S&S Worldwide, Inc.
Ronnie Ransome, Vice President, Fulfillment Operations, Eckler’s Industries Inc.
Erik Caldwell, SVP/GM, Luxxotica North America

Learning from a Lean Process Journey
OSP Group began their Lean Journey in 2008. In this presentation, you will learn about the successes and obstacles faced by one company to successfully transform to a Lean Culture.

Specific topics include:

  • What is Lean Processing and how can it help your company?
  • Lean Tools that can be utilized by any company
  • OSP Group approach to implementing Lean
  • Sustaining, Measuring and Creating Accountability
  • How your company can begin Leaning out waste from your processes

This session will give practical insight and lessons learned from the leader of this transformation, proving beneficial for any company or individual who is considering implementing Lean Principles.

Speaker: Tim Gerardot, Senior Engineering Manager – Lean and Process Engineering, OSP Group

2:50 – 3:30 pm Networking Event/Dessert Break in Exhibit Hall
3:40 – 4:30 pm Concurrent Sessions


International Fraud
Expanding internationally is a natural evolution for companies doing business online and should be encouraged.

As companies plan for moving across borders to grow their businesses, several issues creep up that may not be top-of-mind and yet are vital to the overall success of selling internationally. One of those issues is fraud. It’s a topic that normally gets addressed after problems occur, but that is simply too late. When fraud hits, especially when it involves crossing international borders, it hits hard and is much more difficult to reign in. The better choice is to plan for and have systems in place to stop fraud at the virtual door and keep it from negatively affecting a company’s’ efforts to expand abroad. We sometimes refer to it as the “fraud firewall.”

This presentation will present best practices information and review a case study to bring the point home.

Speakers: Don Bush, Vice President, Marketing, Kount Inc.
Jeremiah VanderMolin, Director, Customer Relations, HealthDesigns.com

Picking, Packing, and Shipping Efficiencies

What are the challenges you will be faced with in picking, packing and shipping as your order volume increases and you implement the tools to help streamline these processes? The session will:

  • Review the various methods of piece picking
  • Help determine which shipping services would be available and which shipping carton to use based on an order’s contents
  • Help the processes to increase order picking efficiency and Customer Service

Three Educational Take-Aways:

  1. What are best practices for piece picking
  2. Resource recommendations on how to find product solutions
  3. Ideas on how to determine what solutions are most appropriate for your operation

Moderator: Kenneth Ruehrdanz, Market Manager, Distribution and Warehousing Systems, Dematic
Panelists: Mike Schwarz, CEO, RibbedTee.com
Jamie Salvatori, Owner, Vat19.com

Characteristics of Successful Start Up Operations
Many of today’s hottest ecommerce companies were start-ups just a short time ago. How can you set up your operation for success? Whether you use a third party or manage you own fulfillment operation, this session is a must. After this 50 min session, you’ll have a better understanding of how to avoid some common mistakes and learn to position your operation as a strategic asset in your organization. 

Speaker: Anthony Vicars, President, Rise Fulfillment

Winning Hiring Strategies for the Contact Center and Warehouse
How do you hire people that are the right fit for the job? What qualities do good contact center and warehouse employees need? Are some people better in small or large companies? How do you recruit? Where do you recruit? Do you have an employee referral program? Do you use testing, and if so, what tests do you use? How important are references and work history? Does education matter? Are you happy with your human resources department – what should you expect from them? Do you know the laws surrounding hiring employees, and are they in practice in your organization? What questions should be on your application form? What questions should you ask in an interview? How do you staff up for peak season? This session will help you improve your ability to hire the best employees for your organization.

Speaker: Anne Embrey, Vice President, Continuous Improvement, Replacements Ltd.

The Great Picture Show: Real World Examples of What Works in the Distribution Center and Why
Twenty site-visits rolled into one hour! A picture is worth a thousand words, and this session is nothing but pictures. Observe actual photographic examples of successful distribution methods and layouts, and some not so successful. The informal and brief commentary will provide a practical explanation of when and why they make sense. Photos are constantly updated and selected from dozens of different operations to highlight specific examples, including:

  • Best practices and innovations
  • Practical fixture and equipment options
  • Processing alternatives
  • Techniques to handle extreme peak season volumes
  • Low tech ideas with a big bang
  • High tech tips from the big guys
  • Facility layout and design considerations
  • How systems can make a difference
  • Examples from the dreaded ‘don’t let this happen to you’ file

This session is always a conference favorite, and the photos are constantly updated. Enough PowerPoint, already… here’s the real thing!

Speaker: Bill Kuipers, Partner, Spaide, Kuipers and Company

4:30 – 6:00 pm Exhibit Hall Reception
6:00 pm Exhibit Hall Closes
10:30 pm – 2:00 am Evening Fedex Tour (The tour is optional. Pre-registration required.)

7:30 – 9:30 am Morning Tour IDS and Ingram Micro Logistics (The tour is optional. Pre-registration required.)
7:45 – 8:30 am Breakfast Roundtables
8:45 –  9:35 am Concurrent Sessions

Advanced Parcel Negotiation Tips, Tricks, and Tactics – ALL NEW SESSION!
This isn’t your first operations conference. You’ve taken the classes on negotiating parcel agreements in the past. In fact, you’ve negotiated multiple parcel carrier agreements. You’re looking for more, something that will take your current parcel rates from “good” to “great.” This session is for those shippers looking for advanced strategies to reduce parcel costs through contract negotiations. There are two parts equally important when negotiating carrier agreements – rates and terms. Negotiating UPS, FedEx and other carrier contracts is more complicated than ever before. Learn the ins and outs from a former parcel carrier executive and leading industry consultant to achieve savings of 5%-30%!

Speaker: Rob Martinez, President/CEO, Shipware Systems Corp

Which Warehouse Technologies Are Right for You
Figuring out which Warehouse Management Systems, and material handling technologies are right for your operation can be a difficult decision since there are so many facets involved. Our warehouse expert will share his methodology, industry best practices, and valuable lessons learned if you are planning on upgrading existing warehouse technologies. We’ll review major systems as well as handheld technologies, and everything in between. You will also be able to take home some tips and techniques for getting more out of the technology you probably already have in place.

Panelists: Jerry Johnson, Marketing Manager, KNAPP Logistics Automation Inc.
Rich Balcum, Fulfillment Director, Calendars.com

Guide to Launching a New Fulfillment Center
How big? Where should it be? Which technologies? What are the costs? How much should each cost? What incentives will the state and local economic development organizations offer? How does it all come together? Which site is best?

These are questions that must be answered to plan, locate, and negotiate the site and facility for a new fulfillment center. A best of breed approach to planning a fulfillment center, finding the best location, gaining the most economic incentives, and negotiating the best deal will be presented by the project team for a major multichannel retailer who is currently implementing a new fulfillment center. Learn the methods to calculate the size of the facility, determine the general location, locate potential sites, analyze candidate sites, define and negotiate economic incentives available, gather real estate proposals, and assimilate the results to demystify the best new fulfillment center for any organization.

Panelists:  Sandy Stephens, Principal, Johnson Stephens Consulting
Brad Struck, Executive Vice President, E. Smith Realty Partners
Leslie Rubin, President, Rubin Advisors
Jim Rawlins, Senior Vice President, Distribution & Logistics, The Bon-Ton Stores

Surviving Peak Season in the Contact Center
Surviving and thriving peak season in your contact center does require year-round work, discipline, and vision. In this session, you will learn how to properly hire, staff, and train for the peak season that will minimize costly turnover and maximize your staff’s performance during the busy season.

We will discuss ways to make your contact center employees and processes produce high performance results. You will learn to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and sales and how to tightly link your social channels with your contact center during the peak season.

Hear from the survivors and “thrivers” on how they focused and managed the seasonal growth of employee count and order volume, with innovative approaches and in some cases limited reliance on technology.

Speaker: Emma Grant, Director, Customer Relations, OSP Group

The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing
When should you outsource? What should you outsource? What are the economics of outsourcing vs. in-house? How do you keep a great customer experience? Should you outsource at peak season only? What about outsourcing the management of your fulfillment but owning your own facility? Should you outsource your global operations? What questions should you ask a perspective outsource vendor? What challenges will you have? How do you monitor the job that they are doing? How do you measure if it is working? Bring all the questions you can – our experts will be ready for you.

Speakers: Doug Sternberg, Executive Vice President, Client Strategy, DOTcom Distribution Corporation
Sarah Filderman, Vice President, Operations, Blissworld

9:35 – 10:15 am Exhibit Hall Opens / Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall
10:15 – 11:05 am Concurrent Sessions


Key Metrics in the Contact Center
The credo of the operations and fulfillment world is to get it done faster and in a more cost effective way – and the contact center is an integral part of making this happen. Customers have huge expectations of service and contact center staffs have bigger demands and requirements. In order to efficiently measure the quality of their service, contact centers have to understand the most critical key performance indicators (KPIs)that will help the contact centers manage and reach their goals.

In this session, attendees will learn about the most common measures of performance in service, quality, efficiency, profitability, and personnel – and how to calculate and analyze them.

Moderator: Kevon Hills, Vice-President of Research, StellaService
Jerry Hoopfer, Associated Project Manager, Moosejaw Mountaineering
Michael Lackman, COO, Petflow.com

Making Drop-Shipping Feel Like a Best in Class Experience to the Customer
In this 50-minute session, we will discuss the positive effects a best in class drop-shipping program can have on your organization. We will look at technology, communication, and management requirements necessary to implement a program that will surely enhance the customer experience while helping to speed new product opportunities. We will show you how you should implement drop shipping and where it makes sense. You can find ways to meet customer demands for relevant products that are not practical for one reason or another to stock within your inventory.

Learn how a drop-ship agreement with a vendor can improve service levels to your customers. Do you have a vendor certification in place? Learn how to properly implement a vendor certification and management program.

Speakers: Matt Konkle, President, Fifth Gear
Laura Duke, Head of Enterprise Supply Chain, Zazzle.com

Cutting Costs in the Warehouse
The latest strategies, tactics and best practices on how to cut costs during the fulfillment process without sacrificing production or the customer experience. In this session, listen to warehouse masters discuss how they were able to maximize service, fulfillment and operational efficiency finding every opportunity to do more with less. You’ll leave the session with a checklist of money-saving ideas. 

Moderator: Bill Richardson, President, COO, Bare Necessities
Panelists:   Chris Crawford, Warehouse Operations Manager, Magellan’s & CBNB
Tim Holody, COO, Seta Group

Handle Your Perishable Operations with Care:  Cost Effectively Tactics from Storing, Packaging to Shipping and Delivery
Operations is tricky enough, but add perishable merchandise into the mix……and you’ll be in trouble economically with inventory, and with customers quickly if you aren’t using best practices. We’ll focus on issues that are specific to those of you handling perishables – including packaging, packing, communicating with the recipient, storage, shipping, inventory, and supply chain. It’s not often you get to spend time and share experiences with people that have solutions that can be helpful to you.

Panelists: Dave Hamburg, COO, Vital Choice
Bill Shea, General Manager, Wine Country Gift Baskets
Cathy Hayward-Hughes, President & General Manager, Crystal Creek Logistics


Crossing Borders – Creating Your Global DTC Distribution Plan
Come and hear how to create or re-visit your strategic global direct-to-customer operations plan.  Whether your company is getting its feet wet selling and fulfilling globally on Amazon, or you are looking to use local and global partners, or you are considering a fulfillment center in Europe or Asia, we’ll talk about how companies are serving customers and fulfilling merchandise in other countries.  We’ll cover the most popular countries and discuss outsourcing, partnering, vendors, delivery, consultants, facilities and going it alone.   Hear from operations executives with plenty of global experience – you’ll benefit from their triumphs, knowledge and their mistakes.  Invaluable session.

Panelists: James Reid, Vice President of Distribution, QVC
Trey Dean, Senior Manager, eCommerce Fulfillment and Customer Care, Luxottica North America

11:20 – 12:10 pm Concurrent Sessions

Crisis in the Contact Center: To Outsource or To Stay In House
This panel session will examine the challenge of building a brand-reinforcing contact center with specific attention to the decision of whether to keep operations in house, or work with a third party. The session will be a discussion with merchants who will describe the process that their respective organizations went through when creating their contact center operations, the decision to outsource or stay in house, what they learned from the experience, and what they see for the future.

Moderator: Michael Lackman, COO, Petflow.com
Bill Richardson, President, COO, Bare Necessities
Andrew Benoit, Chief Operating Officer, Poppin
Matt Kull, Founder, Revzilla

Identifying Opportunities with Your Inbound Transportation
Inbound freight management impacts gross margin, purchasing staff productivity, inventory control, receipt processing and fulfillment operations. This session will show attendees how to develop an effective inbound freight program that will reduce expenses and improve control.

In this session you will explore:

  • How to negotiate costs not discounts, take charge of vendors small parcel shipments, leverage LTL volume to reduce costs.
  • Additionally, you will learn to use the right tools to manage your inbound supply chain, effectively issue vendor routing guides, avoid vendor “prepay and add” freight,” and monitor and enforce vendor compliance.

Walk out of this session with specific solutions you can implement to improve your bottom line. 

Panelists: Anthony Taindel, Solutions Consultant, Transportation Insight


Executive Forum: Companies Under $20 Million In Sales
How do you become efficient and respond to continual operational challenges? Here’s a great way to exchange ideas and get answers to your questions with your executive “peers.” This is not a speech but an exchange between panelists from the industry and the audience on the challenges they see in their companies and the solutions that they have put in place to combat those issues. We have developed a list of “starter” questions and topics to help the discussions along.

Come and share with your peers on what’s working for you, and find out more about the potential solutions that you are considering:

  • Same-day shipping threat from Amazon.com and others
  • Achieving a balance with marketing on free shipping strategies
  • Reducing LTL/TL, UPS, and FedEx freight costs
  • Best expense saving ideas in the industry
  • Selecting ERP and OMS
  • What are the “cornerstones” I need to adopt to be efficient?
  • Is 3rd Party Fulfillment (3PF) right for your business?

Moderator: Curt Barry, President, F. Curtis Barry & Company
Panelists: Keith Kirssin, President, BoxInBoxOut
Dave Kravetz, Catalog & Web Team Leader, Co-founder, Fairytale Brownies
Ashley Kohnen, COO, LEM Products

How to Tackle Slow Moving Inventory
Slow moving inventory is an issue that retailers never want to have, but more likely than not, will. But that doesn’t mean you have to let slow moving inventory collect dust. In this session, whether you have leftover SKUs that come in the hundreds, the thousands, or even the handful, you will learn powerful inventory control strategies that will minimize stock, and turn slow moving inventory into a profit all the while still keeping your customers happy.

 Speakers: Steve Addy, Senior Manager, Operational Excellence & Customer Service, ACCO Brands
Joe Palzkill, VP, Sales and Business Development, Direct Tech Inc.

New Trends in Order Fulfillment Packaging: Delivering on Profitability
One box or bag doesn’t fit all. This session covers current best practices of creating packaging that adapts to your varied product line and holds up to the rigors of the shipping process.

Topics will include:

  • Adding extra protection to your soft or fragile goods using 3D-Style packaging – an economical solution and scalable for larger items.
  • Void-fill – There is more than one way to fill a box. We’ll showcase some current products as well as exciting innovations on the horizon, particularly for packing your most fragile goods.
  • Variably-sized packages – Distributions centers have found that incorporating systems which produce variably-sized packages is and efficient and environmentally-friendly option. We’ll discuss current technology, available packing material, as well as the benefits to your distribution center.

Moderator: Ken Myers, Director, Packaging & Automation, Tension Packaging
Panelists: Brad Fehn, Vice President of Sales,  ExpandOS (Folded Pack, Inc.)
Rich Balcum,  Fulfillment Director,  Calendars.cm
Andy Whiteside,  President, Smart Karton
Evan Everett, General Manager of Packaging Systems Pregis

12:20 – 2:20 pm Mid-Day Tour LaCrosse Footwear & Danner (The tour is optional. Pre-registration required.)
12:10 – 12:40 pm Food and Refreshments in Exhibit Hall
12:40 – 2:00 pm Keynote Luncheon Address
2:15 – 3:05 pm Concurrent Sessions


Mastering Motivation: How to Create a Happy and Successful Operations Team
One of the best characteristics found in any successful company is a highly motivated and happy team. Whether you are trying to boost morale in a single department or throughout the entire warehouse, this session is a must. After this 50-minute session you will walk away with the takeaways needed to motivate your employees, how to use motivational rewards, and why over-motivating is as dangerous as under-motivating a team.

Panelists: Jerry Hoopfer, Associate Project Manager, Moosejaw Mountaineering
Rich Balcum, Fulfillment Director, Calendars.com
Anthony Vicars, President, Rise Fulfillment

15 Surefire Ways to Cut Shipping Costs
We are all looking for creative ways to cut shipping costs for our organizations? In this 50-minute session, our panel will offer 15 ideas that you can take back to your organization and execute quickly.

You will learn how to:

  • Reduce shipping size that will reduce filler, transportation costs and space
  • Implement comprehensive software solutions that will simplify the shipping process
  • Cut costs in contract negotiations and explore various packaging options
  • Combat increased carrier rates and negotiate your contract with your shipping provider
  • Improve your carrier price that could boost not just profit for your ecommerce business but your competitiveness in the marketplace

Moderator: Tim Parry, Managing Editor,  Multichannel Merchant
Panelists: Matt Glauber, President & COO, BuyAutoParts.com
Ryan Culver, Director, Domestic Logistics, OSP Group
Dennis Nicoski, Manager, Field Strategy and Contracts, United States Postal Service

Improving Inventory Management with Forecasting Accuracy in an Omnichannel World
In the ecommerce world, managing inventory is all about crosschannel visibility and getting your products to the consumer whenever and however they want it no matter where they shop. Simply put, if you don’t have an effective inventory strategy in place, you will see your financials tied up in slow moving inventory, an increase in picking errors, and quite possibly, missed sale opportunities due to out-of-stock goods. We will discuss how to plan if you are sharing inventory across retail and ecommerce. In this session you will learn about the best practices and techniques for managing and identifying your inventory and how to conduct the most effective and accurate forecasting.

Moderator: Ellen Shannon, Chief Content Director & Publisher, Multichannel Merchant
Ed Stevens, Founder and CEO, Shopatron
Dana Pappas, COO, Plow & Hearth

Best Ways of Choosing Core Technologies for the Long Haul
Ecommerce and order management technologies are changing faster than ever. How to do you decide on the components in your technology mix? Which technologies are the best bet? Is the best of breed strategy better than an end to end solution? The correct timing and choices of investments are tricky – how do you make sure that you buy technology that will last? We’ll share best practices in purchasing technology, and how to evaluate whether your purchase will continue to be relevant and flexible as new technologies become available. How many systems integrations make sense? Who should be involved in selection of technologies? How important is the training that technology vendors have available? Bring your questions and discuss before you spend your money on technology that’s outdated before it’s implemented.

Speakers: Ernie Schell, Executive Director, Marketing System Analysis
Michael Sonier, Head of Product Marketing, eBay Enterprise

Using “Out of the Box” Strategies to Fuel and Manage Hyper Growth
The Alex and Ani team will take attendees through their story of success as one of the leading life style brands in the U.S. fueling and managing 300% growth in just one year takes a combination of innovative strategies along with technological solutions. We will take a look at the before and after of their distribution center and how they built it from the ground up to what it is today. Learn how they were able to take an “out of the box” approach with harnessing a new technology plan in place.

Panelists: David Medeiros, Senior Vice President of Operations, Alex and Ani LLC
Ron Crompton, Senior Director of Operations and Logistics, Alex and Ani LLC
Joe Lezon, Chief Technology Officer, Alex and Ani LLC

3:05 – 3:35 pm Dessert Reception in Exhibit Hall
3:35 pm Exhibit Hall Closes
3:45 – 4.35 pm Concurrent Sessions

Preparing for Peak in the Warehouse
No matter what your peak season is, your entire operation better be prepared to meet customer’s expectations. Peak is a perfect example of how poor inventory plans can affect sales. But if you manage your inventory against a promotional calendar, everyone within the ecommerce team will come out a winner. After attending this session, you will walk away with the toolsets needed to create an efficient and planned out warehouse that optimizes every square inch of your space during the peak season. In this session, you’ll hear first-hand how warehouse and inventory professionals meet the demanding challenges of a peak season and how you can adapt your practices and warehousing methods to efficiently keep up.

Moderator: Adrian Grigg, Director, Retail Business Development, OHL
Panelists: Nikki James, Operations Manager, Pacific Sunwear
Anthony Vicars, President, Rise Fulfillment

Best Practices in Receiving
Receiving is an often-overlooked process in the distribution center. It is common for DC managers to focus mainly on the picking and packing functions instead. However, it should be considered the first place a merchant can create an efficient warehouse. If your receiving isn’t done correctly and accurately, it might have a direct impact on your order selection and inventory. Attendees of this session will learn how to get every product visible and ready for sale with no errors and in the least amount of time.

Speaker: Angie Stocklin, Co-founder, COO, One Click Ventures

Omnichannel Retail: Drive Online and In-Store Sales with Cross-Chain Fulfillment
Implemented effectively, omnichannel solutions like ship-from-store and in-store pick up, can produce 2% to 20% incremental chain sales. The key to success is not just technology, but accurate inventory allocation, intelligent order routing, in-store operational execution, and change management. Join Tom Barone, SVP Omnichannel Operations Services at eBay Enterprise, and a retail client to hear how to address these issues, the key business criteria and the best practices for implementing ship from store and in-store pickup. You’ll learn what to expect, how to plan and execute, and lessons learned from a retailer who has successfully implemented omnichannel strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how omnichannel initiatives, when deployed correctly, can produce dramatic revenue increases while driving customer satisfaction and leveraging physical stores as an asset.
  • Learn about distributing inventory across the chain and use intelligent order routing to drive sales and operational efficiency.
  • Learn how to address the most common obstacles faced by retailers who seek to launch omnichannel initiatives, and the benchmarks for success.
  • Understand what’s involved in change management and operations execution for omnichannel initiatives.

Speakers: Tom Barone, Interim Head of Omnichannel Operations, eBay, Inc.
Lena Quintal, Director, Ecommerce Operations, Kenneth Cole

4:45 – 5:30 pm Concurrent Sessions

Featured Session: What You Have Told Us – The State of Operations 2014
Big challenges face B2B and B2C merchants as they try to keep up with the always-connected customer. As a result, around-the-clock direct-to customer activity has made fulfillment and contact centers even busier. As behind-the-scenes activity increases, merchants are doing their best to keep their processes flowing. Based on Multichannel Merchant’s MCM Outlook 2014 report and executive summaries on Fulfillment and Shipping and Delivery, in this session moderated session merchants will discuss a wide array of topics from same day delivery to warehouse productivity to customer experience.

Moderator: Tim Parry, Senior Content Manager, Multichannel Merchant
Panelists: Mark Desrosiers, Director, Distribution, S&S Worldwide Inc.
Ian MacDonald, Ecommerce Manager, Silver Star Brands
Kevon Hills, Vice President, Research, Stella Service
Nikki James, Operations Manager, Pac Sun