Tuesday, April 22, 2014
11:45am – 4:30pm

The pre-conference workshops are in-depth programs that take an A-Z approach on specific subjects. After attending a pre-conference program, you’ll be ready to go back to your organization and take action. They take place on April 22, and are optional, at an additional cost. Boxed lunch will be provided to all attendees. There will be three pre-conference workshops to choose from:

Pre-Conference Workshop:  Negotiate Like the Pros – Contract Negotiations & Other Real World Strategies to Cut Your Parcel Costs 5-25% !

Shipping costs too high?  Then you cannot afford to miss this workshop!  Led by one of the top consultants in the industry, gain valuable information to negotiate best-in-class pricing and reduce overall shipping costs 5-25%. You will walk away from this ½ day session with an in-depth understanding of parcel contracts terms and how to maximize pricing agreements with your parcel carriers.  Using actual shipping data, you will learn:

  • How to establish shipping baselines and requirements prior to beginning any carrier negotiations
  • Different ways to reduce the impact of accessorial charges and other contract “gotchas”
  • How to use your weekly parcel invoice data to generate powerful information to lower costs

We will place particular emphasis on how to gain leverage during contract negotiations, and using benchmarking (provided) to your advantage.

You’ll also learn additional strategies used by other shippers to reduce delivery costs, how to offer “free” shipping and make delivery a competitive differentiator in your business.  We encourage you to register early; seating is limited and this session is expected to sell out!

Workshop Leader:


Rob Martinez
President and CEO
Shipware, LLC


Pre-Conference Workshop: Operations & Fulfillment Best Practices  

Customer expectations are increasing every day in the world of multichannel commerce, putting tremendous pressure on every aspect of your operation. This half- day workshop will provide a comprehensive look at what it takes to deliver superior fulfillment as a competitive advantage. The latest strategies, tactics and best practices will be presented for each aspect of the fulfillment process by someone who has seen it and done it. The focus will be on maximizing service performance and operational efficiency. This workshop is a ‘must’ for everyone responsible for the fulfillment process, from supervisors to executives.

Topics will include:

  • World Class Customer Care in a Multichannel World
  • Managing Distribution Performance
  • Best Practices in Returns Management
  • IT Strategies & Opportunities
  • Performance Management

Workshop Leader:

BillKuipersBill Kuipers
Spaide, Kuipers & Co.



Pre-Conference Workshop: Social Media and the Contact Center: Enhancing Your Company’s Brand Image and Bottom-Line

Providing service in a social media world requires changes in the way we interact with prospects and customers. They want on-demand access to information and service across channels and platforms. Customer satisfaction is affected by a company’s ability to be responsive and deliver the right information at the right time. Quality service includes the ability to connect with customers at their convenience.

Managing the social channel in an organization and especially in the contact center requires the integration of service, marketing, and IT. There are many moving parts in social media customer service that have to be coordinated to work well for your company. You will leave this program with information on how to:

  • Choose which services are best suited for social media interactions
  • Create social media guidelines for contact center representatives
  • Identify the best channel to communicate with customers
  • Integrate customer care, marketing, and technology to avoid departmental competition
  • Scale social media within the organization
  • Choose the best platforms and tools for your company’s specific needs
  • Prepare for a crisis so that it doesn’t escalate or harm your brand
  • Integrate internal systems with external tools
  • Identify the metrics that define effectiveness and provide insight into trends, opportunities, and challenges
  • Optimize your social media activity to provide search benefits, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve relationships

Workshop Leader:

Debra_Ellis_Headshot_WEBDebra Ellis
Wilson & Ellis Consulting