Operations Summit 2014 is expanding! Tracks have been created to help guide you through the conference. Below is a sampling of the topic areas that will be covered under each track. Click ‘More Info’ to see sessions for each track. You can also see the full list of Tracks and Sessions here.
More sessions to come – stay tuned!

Shipping/Delivery/Inbound Transportation Track

Customers demand convenience and have rising expectations for delivery time, communications about, and options for delivery. The pressure is on you to make it all happen as customers want their delivery now and look for you to ship it or have it ready for pick up when and where they want it. Attend sessions in this track and learn how to optimize the shipping process - cut costs, identify the right shipping vendors and options, and build customer satisfaction. And we'll cover best practices, trends, vendor compliance and cost-cutting in Inbound Transportation.

Warehouse/Fulfillment/Returns Track

This track is all about warehouse optimization and what makes sense for your business. See case studies and benchmarks that will help you increase productivity, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction and more. You'll learn how to best manage and improve your complex, time consuming returns process. Should you automate? Do you need a new distribution center? Are you getting the most from your present space? How can you improve your picking, packing, and packaging? Should you outsource? How do manage omnichannel inventory? Don’t lose time and money trying to figure it out yourself when you can learn today what is working from your industry peers.

Executive Track

Meet up with Senior Level Executives of like-size companies in our exclusive series. This track contains sessions that cover operations trends, benchmarks, management, HR, financial, technology, facilities…and more. Our Executive Forums allow you to network and build your DTC contacts, and get operations answers directly from your peers.

Operations Management Track

The Operations Management Track is all about leading and improving your customer operations. Attendees will learn how other organizations are crossing borders, creating a seamless omnichannel customer experience, and walk away with vast array of best practices on management and staffing.

Customer Experience and Contact Center Track

Attendees of the customer experience and contact center track will hear an overview of trends shaping their customer interactions today. Gain insights on how leading brands are using social media to super serve customers (and the price to pay if you fall short in this service channel); creating outstanding customer experiences that capture customers for life; how to upsell, staffing and incentive tips, and the key metrics they are watching to measure success.

Program is subject to change.