Shipping/Delivery/Inbound Transportation Track

Risks and Rewards of Using Regional Parcel Carriers – OPERATIONS SUMMIT EXCLUSIVE!

Wednesday, April 23 8:30 AM - 9:20 AM
Room: Ballroom 2
Is your company spending too much using national parcel carriers for air express and ground deliveries? There are options! Attend this session and learn how regional parcel carriers can lower freight costs and avoid common accessorial charges like residential delivery, delivery area surcharges, Saturday delivery and even fuel surcharges. The right combination of services can reduce shipping costs 20% or more. But what about service differences, what’s the right mix, and how do you address the potential loss of volume discounts at UPS and FedEx? Get answers from one of the leading parcel authorities in the US. An Operations Summit exclusive, this ALL NEW presentation is geared for all shippers whether B2B, B2C, high volume or small.


Rob Martinez, CEO and Co-Founder, Shipware LLC
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Make Product Personalization Your Market Differentiator

Wednesday, April 23 11:25 AM - 12:15 PM
Room: Ballroom 2
The retail landscape is more competitive than ever before, making it imperative that retailers find any way possible to differentiate themselves from others in their space. One way involves offering customization options that create a personal bond between purchaser and product. This session will outline the various types of personalization options available today, ways to position these offerings to retail customers, and how to use the order fulfillment process as an opportunity to provide these services while saving time and money for both retailers and consumers.

Who Should Attend:
• Retailers interested in increasing merchandising and upsell sales opportunities
• Retailers looking to invest in new product offerings
• Retailers seeking a competitive edge in the direct-to-consumer market

Attendee Takeaway:
• Identify potential personalization options that make sense for their target market and product mix
• Spark ideas for time- and cost-saving processes in the fulfillment warehouse
• White paper and/or authored article about the topic


Rick Hall, Vice President, Client Success, Speed Commerce Operating Co. LLC
Sean Conlon, Co-founder/CEO, PetBox
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Delivery as a Differentiator

Wednesday, April 23 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Room: Ballroom 2
Consumers expect control and convenience over their delivery experience and the companies that can provide this will benefit from increased loyalty, recommendations – and sales. Your customers are looking for an improved post-purchase experience from delivery options, to returns, to all retail channels working together seamlessly. In this session, we will discuss:
• Facilitating a seamless omnichannel experience increase your value to the customer
• What delivery and shipping costs options are most valuable to your customer
• The tracking information preferences that most customers are looking for
• How an improved returns process is another opportunity for differentiation
Below is our moderator and panelists - more to be announced.


Joe Bobko, Vice President, Transportation,


Robert Escobar, Vice President, Operations, Gwynnie Bee
Randy Strang, Vice President, Retail Customer Solutions, UPS
Brian Sawyer, Managing Director Interactive & eCommerce, Build-A-Bear
Kevin Collins, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Newgistics
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Advanced Parcel Negotiation Tips, Tricks, and Tactics – ALL NEW SESSION!

Thursday, April 24 8:45 AM - 9:35 AM
Room: Ballroom 2
This isn't your first operations conference. You've taken the classes on negotiating parcel agreements in the past. In fact, you've negotiated multiple parcel carrier agreements. You're looking for more, something that will take your current parcel rates from "good" to "great." This session is for those shippers looking for advanced strategies to reduce parcel costs through contract negotiations. There are two parts equally important when negotiating carrier agreements – rates and terms. Negotiating UPS, FedEx and other carrier contracts is more complicated than ever before. Learn the ins and outs from a former parcel carrier executive and leading industry consultant to achieve savings of 5%-30%!


Rob Martinez, CEO and Co-Founder, Shipware LLC
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Making Drop-Shipping Feel Like a Best in Class Experience to the Customer

Thursday, April 24 10:15 AM - 11:05 AM
Room: Ballroom 2
In this 50-minute session, we will discuss the positive effects a best in class drop-shipping program can have on your organization. We will look at technology, communication, and management requirements necessary to implement a program that will surely enhance the customer experience while helping to speed new product opportunities. We will show you how you should implement drop shipping and where it makes sense. You can find ways to meet customer demands for relevant products that are not practical for one reason or another to stock within your inventory.
Learn how a drop-ship agreement with a vendor can improve service levels to your customers. Do you have a vendor certification in place? Learn how to properly implement a vendor certification and management program.


Matt Konkle, Chief Operating Officer, Speed Commerce Operating Co. LLC
Laura Duke, Vice President, Returns Experience, Walmart eCommerce
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Identifying Opportunities with Your Inbound Transportation

Thursday, April 24 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM
Room: Ballroom 2
Inbound freight management impacts gross margin, purchasing staff productivity, inventory control, receipt processing and fulfillment operations. This session will show attendees how to develop an effective inbound freight program that will reduce expenses and improve control.
In this session you will explore:
• How to negotiate costs not discounts, take charge of vendors small parcel shipments, leverage LTL volume to reduce costs.
• Additionally, you will learn to use the right tools to manage your inbound supply chain, effectively issue vendor routing guides, avoid vendor “prepay and add” freight,” and monitor and enforce vendor compliance.

Walk out of this session with specific solutions you can implement to improve your bottom line.


Anthony Taindel, Solutions Consultant, TI Parcel Solutions
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15 Surefire Ways to Cut Shipping Costs

Thursday, April 24 2:15 PM - 3:05 PM
Room: Ballroom 2
We are all looking for creative ways to cut shipping costs for our organizations? In this 50-minute session, our panel will offer 15 ideas that you can take back to your organization and execute quickly.

You will learn how to:
• Reduce shipping size that will reduce filler, transportation costs and space
• Implement comprehensive software solutions that will simplify the shipping process
• Cut costs in contract negotiations and explore various packaging options
• Combat increased carrier rates and negotiate your contract with your shipping provider
• Improve your carrier price that could boost not just profit for your ecommerce business but your competitiveness in the marketplace
Below are our panelists- more to be announced.


Tim Parry, Managing Editor, Multichannel Merchant


Matt Glauber, President & COO,
Ryan Culver, Director, Supply Chain, FULLBEAUTY Brands
Dennis Nicoski, Manager, Strategy and Contracts, United States Postal Service
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