Our popular roundtable series offers attendees an opportunity to meet face-to-face and share ideas on a variety of issues facing the operations and fulfillment industry. Each day of the conference, attendees will be able to choose from dozens of roundtable discussions moderated by an industry expert. Here is a list of just some of the roundtable topics. We will be adding more as we get closer to April.

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Current Roundtable Topics:

  • Managing Operating Costs
  • Best Practices for Slow Moving Inventory
  • The Ins and Outs of Inbound Freight
  • Incentivizing and Motivating Your Workforce
  • Systems Integration for Mid-to-Large Companies
  • How Operations Can Improve the Customer Experience
  • Key Metrics for that Contact Center
  • Creating Live Chat that Your Customers will Love
  • Regional Shipping Dos and Don’ts
  • Canadian Delivery Q&A
  • Challenges & Cost Effective Solutions for Residential Parcel Shipping
  • Exploring Same Day Delivery Services
  • Sourcing and Importing Product from Asia
  • Coaching It’s Not Just for Sports
  • Strategies to Reduce Problematic Inventory and How to Maximize its Value
  • Ship To Store, Ship From Store – Managing Omnichannel Distributed Inventory
  • Vendor Compliance  Tactics and Strategies
  • Systems Integration for Small Companies
  • Warehouse Automation Trends
  • The FedEx Q&A/Bring Your Questions
  • Social Media in the Contact Center
  • Team Building in the Warehouse
  • Creativity in Packaging  for Cost Efficiencies
  • The UPS Q&A / Bring Your Questions
  • Outsourcing Fulfillment, What You Can and Can’t Control
  • Getting The Most From Your Order Management System
  • Negotiating Contracts Secrets
  • Developing Talent
  • Expanding Reach into Europe
  • Handling Human Resource Challenges
  • Free Shipping is Now a Necessity
  • Best Practices in Kitting
  • Managing Your Drop Shipping Vendors
  • Cross Border Trade Concerns
  • The USPS Q&A/Bring Your Questions
  • Cutting Costs in the Warehouse
  • Delivery as a Differentiator
  • Expanding the Life of Your Current Facility
  • USPS Best Practices and Tips for ecommerce Shippers
  • Handling Sensitive and Perishable Products
  • Is Same Day Delivery the Reality
  • Selecting an Order Management System
  • Call Center Workforce Issues
  • Seasonal Hiring Best Practices
  • International Shipping Tips
  • Pushing Your Legacy System
  • Green Packaging
  • Fraud Fighting
  • Planning Your New Facility
  • Best Practices for the Small and  Mid-Sized Contact Centers
  • Best Practices for Cost Effective Returns
  • Picking and Packing Strategies
  • Hiring for Your Seasonal Workforce
  • Staying Competitive in the Amazon Era
  • Operations KPIs for the Mid-to-Large Sized Companies
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Justifying Automation Cost

Roundtables are subject to change.